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SSL Certificates

All tenants running on WPCS use Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for all their domains. Any domain that is properly set up (check out the docs on domains), will be without an SSL certificate shortly until Let's Encrypt has verified that the domain is indeed running from WPCS. The SSL certificate is then stored in our system and used straight away. This whole process can take a couple of minutes.

Wildcard domains are not supported by default. If you require the use of a wildcard SSL certificate, please contact us at Use cases that require the use of wildcard certificates include the creation of more than 100 tenants per week or the migration of a great number of tenants at once. As Let's Encrypt puts rate limits on the amount of certificates that can be generated for a root domain, having a great number of separately validated tenants can trigger this rate limit. You can read more about Let's Encrypt's policies at their official site: