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Read through our FAQ here, if you still have questions please contact support.

Can I use FTP on WPCS?

As WPCS is a platform to keep your whole product scalable (in every sense of the word), we do not allow direct access to the filesystem.

The very first thing to keep in mind is that FTP very easily allows you to break the uniformity of your product. This might not have a major effect on your development cycle at first, but sooner or later, the lack of uniformity makes further development of many sites at once a very painful process. Just imagine having to upgrade something in a product with 100 sites, all the while having the keep track of 23 exceptions (or was it 24?).

Most use-cases for FTP can, however, be solved using plugins or even native functionality. For example, if you are using a custom theme and need to change its CSS to customise the site, consider using the WordPress Settings API. You can use this core WordPress feature to store settings in the database, as opposed to the filesystem. This allows you to customise anything you would want to customise, while remaining confident that all tenants remain uniform. You would have full control over how settings are applied to the CSS, and, more importantly, full knowledge on how settings are stored. When you have 100 tenants - all with different configurations - you will be very glad to know exactly how each of those configurations work and how you can upgrade your product without or "exception-fixing".

Can I use CDNs like CloudFlare for my tenants?

Yes, you can! With some exceptions, you can configure CloudFlare like normal. Read more about how to set up CloudFlare here.