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Getting started

Welcome to the WPCS documentation! Let's dive right in and get your first WaaS product up and running.

Create a product

Firstly, create a product. Head to the console and login. Click the + button in the top right corner and give your product a descriptive name.

Create a version

Navigate to your product and create a version. After your version has been provisioned, you have access to its Snapshot Editor by clicking the Editor button. Use the Snapshot Editor to create the website you want your tenants to start with. For now, let's just add a couple of plugins and maybe a page or two. You can do this exactly the way you are used to.

Deploy the snapshot

When you're done, head back to the console and click the Deploy button. This will deploy the current state of the Snapshot Editor to the version. This means two things:

  1. Any tenant running on this version will have access to all the plugins, themes and language files in the deployed snapshot.
  2. Any tenant created in this version, will be provisioned with the database in the deployed snapshot.

Add a tenant

Let's try it. After the snapshot has been deployed, create a tenant by clicking the Create button and clicking New tenant. Fill out the form and wait for the tenant to provision.

In the tenant detail screen, you can login using the Login as button in the upper right corner.

You'll find that the plugins you deployed in your snapshot are available to your newly created tenant. Besides that, your tenant has been created with all the data in the snapshot's database. The only difference is that after provisioning, a search-replace was performed to have WordPress use the tenant's URL (instead of the Snapshot Editor's).

There's a lot more to do and discover in WPCS, such as integrations, tenant domains and tenant snapshots. Also check out the concept glossary. Too much for this one article. Click around the documentation, the console and try out everything you need to get started. Need more information or support? Let us know!